Gesher Cleveland
Rabbi Avrohom Adler

In 2013, after witnessing first-hand the demand for a more modern and proactive approach to assist people in financial distress, Rabbi Adler helped establish Gesher.

As the current director of Gesher, Rabbi Adler is actively involved in its day-to-day operations. He meets weekly with the resource coordinator to confirm Gesher is meeting the needs of its clients.

Besides acting as director, Rabbi Adler also acts a fundraiser, enabling Gesher to continue to assist people in the greater Cleveland community with attaining local, state, and federal benefits.

Rabbi Adler was involved in the creation of The Cleveland Chesed Center. This project supports families in need with the day-to-day expenses of food, clothing and other necessities.

The Cleveland Chesed Center is a unique organization where families can get the help they so desperately need with dignity and respect.

Additionally, Rabbi Adler was influential in the inception of Naaleh, an organization that provides referrals to clients in need of mental health services.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 216-862-3244


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